According to an estimate prepared for USA TODAY Sports by a college sports rights-valuation firm, the Pac-12 will more make than the SEC due to their TV contracts. Even though the current 12 SEC schools are about to renegotiate TV deals, the Pac-12 still beat them out with a combination of their recent TV deals and new conference-owned networks. Here's an excerpt...

The estimate, premised on the SEC continuing without a conference-owned network and again having 15-year deals, would give the SEC more guaranteed TV revenue than any college athletics conference: nearly $25 million a school per year over the full contract term ($5.2 billion total).

However, the Pac-12's full ownership of national and regional networks that have lined up substantial distribution before their scheduled launch in August, indicates that the conference is on track to generate at least $30 million a school per year over the 12-year term of agreements with ESPN and Fox that begin later this year ($4.3 billion total). Only the money from ESPN and Fox — about $21 million a school per year — is guaranteed, though. And because of the networks' start-up costs the actual per-school revenue the first few years is likely to be well below the projected annual average.

The estimates come from Navigate Research, a Chicago-based firm that is not currently working with the SEC or Pac-12 but has done multimedia rights valuations for schools in various power conferences.
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loweralabamatrojan143 months
More money translates into better coaches and better recruiting. Wins usually follow. As dismal as any of the teams excluding USC, Oregon and Stanford have been lately, it's about time.
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CajunBandit143 months
All that money can't buy them a six year run.
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