After a mostly anonymous group called "Forward Rebels" took out several full-page ads in Mississippi newspapers demanding changes in the Ole Miss administration, Mississippi chancellor Dr. Dan Jones said in a letter to alumni that he won't be pressured into firing AD Pete Boone. Jones said that he has received threats saying...

"...if he doesn't make changes, 'It is going to get real ugly."
Mr. Jone's whole letter is here. But here's an excerpt...

Many are aware of anonymous, malicious and public attacks on athletics director Pete Boone. The Ole Miss family may not be aware, however, that as a part of this orchestrated campaign, I have received threats, promising that if I do not remove Pete Boone, “It is going to get real ugly,” and threatening to expand the attacks to other athletics employees.

Friends, supporters and the media have asked how I will react to this anonymous and vicious pressure. The short answer is that I will not react….

A debate worthy of attention is about who we are as a university family. Will we remain civil, reasonable people? Will we respect the dignity of each person? I believe we will. We know what our values are.
As you know, Ole Miss has come out of the gates at 1-3.
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stop paying alumni dues - money is ALL that talks!
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