Alabama QB A.J. McCarron’s attractive girlfriend Katherine Webb announced via Twitter that she has been tabbed by the entertainment news program Inside Edition to cover Super Bowl XLVII this coming February 3. Webb tweeted...

"So excited to be chosen to cover the Super Bowl XLVII for @InsideEdition in New Orleans!"

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AUTiger83138 months
McCarron will hold this woman maybe 3 months more. Once she gets up into Hollywood, that boy is history. He outkicked his coverage big time.
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LSUthruNthru138 months
hey she is is getting paid. can not hateon that
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Herman Frisco138 months
AJ, take good vids. They will be all you have to show for helping a lady out.
Oh, and get that std taken care of soon.
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Drank138 months
I am so very shocked she agreed to this. I would have NEVER thought she was looking for a future as a token talking bimbo.
It seemed she would be content to lead a quiet life out of the public eye.. Then boom.. This!

Just kidding. Anyone with half a brain knew this broad was after media exposure and nothing else. Good for her.
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TigerFlash138 months
If some of AJ's bama friends are in Quarter she might even get tea-bagged.
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CP3LSU25138 months
She must be destroyed. Another attention seeking whore.
user avatar
pellietigersaint138 months
her plan is in full effect
user avatar
Escobar600138 months
so sick of this golddigging attention-grabbing phony whore.
user avatar
mcpotiger138 months
So long AJ....
user avatar
CGSC Lobotomy138 months
Next thing you know, she'll be interviewing Manti Te'O's girlfriend.
user avatar
Prometheus138 months
Damn, these chicks either use you to get what they want or they don't exist at all.smh
user avatar
Kong138 months
Ridin AJ for all she can get, no experience and gets to cover the superbowl with 5000 other reporters, good luck
user avatar
Tigerfan53138 months
She will get nailed on Bourbon ST
user avatar
harmonics138 months
K Webb even gets to the Super Bowl before AJ. Damn, boy can't catch a break.
user avatar
AUlove23138 months
user avatar
MoreOrLes138 months
Are her 15 minutes up yet
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