Hamilton, Georgia defensive end Jordan Jenkins was sought after by both Alabama's Nick Saban and Auburn's Gene Chizik in 2012 before deciding to stay home at Georgia. So what did he think of the two coaches? Saban...

"When Coach Saban is around a bunch of football players, he's more open than he is when it's just you and your family. Coach Saban is a great coach but he's a quiet guy. It sometimes felt awkward being around him."
How about Chizik?

"When coach Gene Chizik was comparing Auburn and Alabama, he put up a slide that showed they had more wins, more this and that ... then he started talking about Florida and how Will Muschamp follows in his shoes. I started busting out laughing. He said 'When I was at Auburn the first time [as an assistant] and after I left, Muschamp came here. Then I was at Texas and after I left, Muschamp came there.' He went on and on. He said 'Muschamp just follows in my footsteps' and it was hilarious the way he said it."
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So when the Chiz gets fired we know who Auburn's next Head Coach will be.
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