Arkansas starting QB Tyler Wilson, who did not play Saturday, was upset after his team's 52-0 loss to Alabama. So he decided to call out his fellow players for quitting in his post-game press conference...

“Sucks I couldn’t be out there to do something about it. Do I feel that we, at times, gave up out there? Yeah, absolutely.” Wilson said.

He wasn’t done there: “As a leader, it sucks to see people not do their jobs and to see things go wrong. There has been a lot of things go that way.” After that, Wilson simply said “That’s all I got,” walked out of the press conference and took no questions."
Why he would have a press conference when he didn't play is weird to me.
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ArRazElle139 months
Wilson's comments sound more like those of a coach's. It's too bad he is having to do their jobs.Tyler Wilson is an outstanding leader as evidenced by the Hogs' season last year. With all of the problems Arkansas has this year from the inept coaching staff to key injuries to the horrendous defense, it is preposterous to question Wilson's leadership abilities. He was absolutely justified in "calling out" team members who blatantly quit because the game was a tough one. His teammates should be upset with themselves, and the coaches and players alike should be embarrassed. Their most miserable performance in a very long time.
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11thACR139 months
Arky is a real mess right now...If said QB was a real Leader
he should call out his mates...but we shouldn't know about it...
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La Place Mike139 months
Wasn't he on the sidelines? If he was, why couldn't he still be a leader?
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Witecoco139 months
Because he's the leader. And maybe they need a fire lit under them, because the Coach isn't doing it.
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