Will Muschamp Has Already Started Recruiting For Auburn
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
On Saturday morning, Will Muschamp was officially introduced as Auburn’s new defensive coordinator. By Saturday afternoon he was already recruiting...
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He's gonna do alright I think.
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rlebl39111 months
Dr Steve, I hate to break it to you, but you are going to have to give up that left testicle.
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RECConspiracy111 months
Muschamp is a great DC. He shut Florida's offense down for 4 years.
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skinny domino111 months
Dr Steve - who did your neutering? Must to have had it done 5 or 6 years ago. Amirite?
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earl keese111 months
"I would give my left testicle for a coach with this kind of passion at LSU." DrSteve, you make it sound like none of the LSU coaches recruit or call kids that LSU wants for the football program.
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Foolish cock110 months
Yeah, he wouldnt fit in at sc. We dont believe in that 'crootin shite.
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DarrionFrmArk111 months
Well yeah.... All coaches do this. Why would they wait to start recruiting?
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guschamp84111 months
HBC gon be pissed!
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vodkacop111 months
Well shite
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WTIGER111 months
May be.
user avatar
DrSteveBrule111 months
I would give my left testicle for a coach with this kind of passion at LSU.
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