Waffle House Throws Down “Waffle Wager” For Clemson/S. Carolina
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For the last couple of years, Waffle House has done their “Waffle Wager” for an SEC game, which gives free food to the winning team's fans. This year they're doing it for the Clemson vs. South Carolina game...

“You can throw out the records when the Tigers and Gamecocks take the field, and when you add in the Waffle Wager, it becomes an even bigger event!” said Walt Ehmer, Waffle House President and CEO. “Good luck to both schools, and like the old saying goes, ‘To the victor goes the waffles, coffee and hashbrowns.’”

Fans of the winning team will get the free Waffle House goodness at either a restaurant in Clemson, S.C., or Columbia, S.C. If Clemson wins the game, Royal Cup and C.H. Guenther will provide hashbrowns, waffles and coffee for the fans and if South Carolina wins, Basic American Foods will be stuck with the tab. The “payout” date, time and winning Waffle House location will be announced after the game.

In addition to the free hashbrowns, waffles and coffee, the winning university’s general scholarship fund will receive $10,000 to help further the education of its students.
Here's Anthony Bourdain and South Carolina chef Sean Brock recently eating at a Waffle House...

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