After Vols LB Daniel Bituli returned a 97 yard interception for a touchdown in the third quarter of Saturday's game against Alabama, ending his team's month streak without a touchdown, his teammate DB Rashaan Gaulden thought celebrating should entail giving Crimson Tide fans the finger...

He apologized after the game...

Butch gone Monday?

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I don't see the problem, was just telling bama 11 in a row
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PhilipMarlowe76 months
that's a young man who knows he isn't going to have to face the wrath of a head coach. lol.
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JustinT3776 months
He’s a Freshman and he is really good at football.
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mountain D values76 months
VOLS, bitch
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Tiger in Texas76 months
Even with the game already decided against them, the joy of the woeful Vols finally putting a TD on the board was just too much for this young man to hold back his emotions! LOL
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