Ref Admits Blown Call During Alabama Vs. Georgia 2018 Title Game
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Earlier this week, veteran Big Ten official Dan Capron admitted to the Chicago Tribune the biggest blown call in his 20-year was during 2018's national title game between Alabama and Georgia....

We had a miss. Alabama was on the ropes. They were deep in their own territory and they’re punting. The punt gets blocked. There’s a flag on the ground because the line judge had Georgia offside. Oh, boy. He (the player, Tyler Simmons) actually had a running start and timed it (properly). He wasn’t offside.

But that wasn’t my call. The blocking backs, a split-second before the snap, moved. That was a false start. That should have been my call. It still wouldn’t have been a blocked punt but instead a five-yard penalty against the offense. You never want to make a mistake of any kind in such a high-profile atmosphere.
HEre's the play...


(The Spun)
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Buck fama.
Reply10 days
frick Georgia and Bama. Honestly, I was for cancer in that game. :)
Reply11 days
It was a bad call but people are missing the point, the correct call would have been a false start. The "block" was never going to happen regardless.
Reply12 days
LOL. That call was just the beginning to what was an obviously rigged second half to get Bama back in a game they eventually won. What about the obvious facemask on the next drive in open field? Or when Fromm was shoved down by his head after a play in front of not one, but two refs? (Compare that penalty to the UT game this year where UT was flagged for tapping a QB on the ground) Or what about when a Bama player punched a UGA player with no call? Or when the Bama player pushed the ref. No call. Or, my favorite one, on the game tying TD: Fourth and goal, and the line judge "conveniently" misses the WR a full yard down the field before the snap, then Bama scores. Yeah, I'm sure it was all one big mistake. This doesn't even cover the blatant holds they got away with. Face it, that entire second half was blatant frickery.
Reply12 days
I doubt that is accurate. I wanted Georgia to win but here is why I tell u that is not accurate, this person can not prove it. His link is fraud so really no evidence at all to prove anything. I honestly did not see anything in the game.
Reply12 days
you need new glasses. that or you are one of the refs that needs new glasses.
12 days
Imagine that...
Reply12 days
Thanks for reminding me asshat
Reply13 days
Maybe he posts on the SEC rant and enjoys posting '1980' like so many others do.
Reply13 days
I see his full time job is Caption Obvious.
Reply13 days
And once again your link is shit
Reply13 days
Blew The dogs chance at a championship
Reply13 days
Did you even read his statement? The block wouldn’t have counted. Georgia blew their lead and lost. Simple.
13 days
Oops, apparently I can’t read lol still doesn’t mean Georgia would’ve had the game locked down though
13 days
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