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Alabama remains atop the latest SEC Power Rankings from ESPN after the completion of week 11.

1. Alabama (10-1): The Crimson Tide, as with several SEC teams, played a much less heralded foe but took care of business accordingly, rolling to a 56-6 victory over Charleston Southern. Nick Saban’s midweek rant seems to have reached his team, which now turns its attention to the Iron Bowl.
1. Alabama (10-1)
2. Florida (10-1)
3. Ole Miss (8-3)
4. Mississippi State (8-3)
5. Arkansas (6-5)
6. LSU (7-3)
7. Tennessee (7-4)
8. Georgia (8-3)
9. Texas A&M (8-3)
10. Auburn (6-5)
11. Kentucky (5-6)
12. Vanderbilt (4-7)
13. Missouri (5-6)
14. South Carolina (3-8)

The Crimson Tide are No. 2 in the AP, Coaches and CFP rankings, right behind Clemson in each poll.
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This list is so bad it isn't even worth commenting on.
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I would have ranked LSU higher than Mississippi State.

Florida ranked number 2 is ridiculous.

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LSU is too high
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