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ESPN College Football writers Kyle Bonagura and Mark Schlabach revealed their updated Bowl after Week 3.

Kyle Bonagura: Fiesta Bowl (CFP) vs. Oklahoma
Mark Schlabach: Peach Bowl (CFP) vs. Clemson

Bonagura: Belk Bowl vs. Wake Forest
Schlabach: Citrus Bowl vs. Wake Forest

Bonagura: Citrus Bowl vs. Penn State
Schlabach: Outback Bowl vs. Penn State

Bonagura: Sugar Bowl vs. Texas
Schlabach: Fiesta Bowl (CFP) vs. Oklahoma

Bonagura: Outback Bowl vs. Michigan
Schlabach: Gator Bowl vs. Iowa

Bonagura: Orange Bowl vs. Virginia
Schlabach: Sugar Bowl vs. Texas

Mississippi State:
Bonagura: Gator Bowl vs. Minnesota
Schlabach: Belk Bowl vs. NC State

Ole Miss:
Bonagura: None
Schlabach: Liberty Bowl vs. Baylor

South Carolina:
Bonagura: None
Schlabach: Music City Bowl vs. Duke

Texas A&M:
Bonagura: Music City Bowl vs. North Carolina
Schlabach: Texas Bowl vs. TCU
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Aggy is really getting their money's worth with Jimbo. Typical Aggy, no one is knocking off Alabama in the West until Saban retires. Aggy can throw all the money at Fort Knox at a Head Coach and unless it's Saban, it won't mean a damn thing. Keep on emptying that savings account Aggy, for all the good it's going to do you.
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Tridentds53 months
idiot... not sure if you understand this but this isn't the bowl schedule. This is a few columnists making a guess based on 3 games played. Good grief.
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RazzleDazzle53 months
Ohio State hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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Pavoloco8353 months
These are all bullshite at this stage. Half the fricking country is 3-0.
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Think about your statement in a mathematical sense. It's impossible for the half the country to be 3-0. The odd number of games assures as much.
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