According to Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated, people in the SEC believe that Oklahoma and Texas can negotiate their way out of the Big 12 and join their conference as early as 2024...

Do we want this? Does it matter?

(The Spun)
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Morpheus19 months
This was going to happen as soon as USC and UCLA are going to Big 10 for 24’.
Oklahoma and Texas have been able to negotiate out by 24’ anyway but price was steep just like it is now just different circumstances have come up.
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KAGTASTIC19 months
This was assumed from the get go.
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Koolazzkat19 months
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FlyinTiger9319 months
SEC is going to want the viewership Manning will bring with him. They'll pay up.
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intellligent19 months
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Damathe19 months
They'll pay a lot of money so folks can watch him talk to Mathew Mac on the bench.
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