Tennessee's Jeremy Pruitt Called Georgia Kirby Smart A Cheater...But Not At Football
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Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt picking fights with Georgia head coach Kirby Smart...

And his response...

When does football start, again?

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They absolutely know and hang with each other in private... just like the players do. Very few coaches and players genuinely despise each other on a consistent basis. They play to the fans on camera, then hug and talk about family and having a bar b que together after the games are over.
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rantfan41 months
Someone who cheats at golf will cheat everything
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Mud_Till_May42 months
All these head coaches are laughing their arse of making millions. I bet they call each other and ask to keep within scores so they can make even more money with their bookie.
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Random LSU Hero41 months
Yeah because they’re willing to risk their careers for that “big score” they can get with their bookies lol.
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