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South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier told the media after practice on Tuesday that he plans to call the offensive plays in 2015 after delegating those duties among his staff last season. Per ESPN:

"I plan to be the playcaller again," Spurrier told reporters after the Gamecocks' spring practice Tuesday. "I did delegate at times last year, but I usually took over before the game was over. But I certainly plan on doing it, and I'll be ready to do it, and go from there."

Spurrier handed off some of the duties last season after second-guessing some of his own calls early in the 2014 season.

"Same reason I did several years ago -- it wasn't going very well," Spurrier told reporters when asked why he handed off play-calling responsibilities last season. "... You make a bad call and you say, 'Aw, dumbass, why did I do that? Maybe somebody else can do it better.' And then you realize it's not necessarily the play call, it's just what happens."
South Carolina went 7-6 last season.
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You do you don't, you do you don't. I guess the old Fart of a Ball Coach just cannot seem to get it right. One year he is calling it and another year not. No difference in the outcome of most games. Time for Mr. Smart azz to retire.
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He should never have given them up
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