Even though they pulled out the victory, Tennessee didn't look too hot in their season opener against Appalachian State. However, that didn't change the mind of this second grader who used her homework to tell everyone what she really thinks of the Vols this season...
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Mulerider93 months
Wonder what all of the LSU second grade fans are saying about now?
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mkibod193 months
The incoming freshman misspelled wach and wus on his application.
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Walt OReilly93 months
Idiot misspelled watch
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justausedcarguy93 months
Still better than most of Larry's articles. Maybe Chicken could find this little girl to replace Larry.
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cypresstiger93 months
Actually, she' the president of UT.
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saint amant steve93 months
That dumbass left off a possessive apostrophe for "nana's house". What kind of shite show are they running in the Tennessee public education system?
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fibonaccisquared93 months
I wonder if they still teach "Dolly Parton fractions" (improper fractions - or "where the top part is bigger than the bottom" as it was explained to me) as well. This was a real thing apparently. We'll give a pass on the spelling I suppose as I'm not sure this is any worse than the adult Vol posters otb.
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