Nike Releases Pre-Draft Commercial With Bama WR Amari Cooper
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
Nike isn't wasting any time. They popular shoe company has already signed Alabama WR Amari Cooper prior to this week's NFL Draft, where he will mostly certainly be taken in the first round. Here's a new commercial they released on Tuesday with Cooper promoting Nike's new Alpha Speed cleats...

Per Nike...

Nike Alpha Speed is a group of cleats for athletes that excel through quick, elusive directional movement on the field. Lock-down fit, maximum stability and the unique 18-point traction system of Nike Alpha Speed cleats support the instantaneous change-of-direction cuts that help give these athletes an edge. #UntouchableSpeed
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LSUrme106 months
zzzz zzzzzz
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Clyde Tipton106 months
"And you can tell everybody. Go ahead and tell everybody... Yes, you can tell everybody. I'm the man, I'm the man, I'm the man."
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TheMadeMan106 months
Idiots. Paying unproven players. Cause all top WRs work out....
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