Kirk Herbstreit Out Here Defending The 'SEC bias' People Chirp About
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As the SEC continues to dominate college football, there are sports personalities and fans out there still chirping about an "SEC bias." The latest thing to get them going is the SEC sending nearly 40 more players to the NFL combine, more than any other conference...

Look at ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit defending the gate...

(The Spun)
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Never heard of enslaved millionaire! Sign me up!
Reply13 days
I’m a Clemson fan, but if anyone denies the fact that ALL the best athletes come from the southeast is kidding themselves. The Sec will reign supreme on this forever more.
12 days
Travis is cutting up. Nonetheless, "It was tough but somehow we managed to talk the entire NFL into it." . . . . . is a hilarious response.
Reply13 days
Congrats on enslaving black ppl longer than the rest of the country.
Reply13 days
Yes enslaved black people who will make more in their contract than you in your entire life. Stfu you idiot. Go back to San Francisco.
13 days
We give dem good eats ova here baw
12 days
Why don’t you run that comment past a few black people and see how well it’s received.
7 days
You realize Clay Travis is a huge SEC shill and was being sarcastic....right?
Reply13 days
Uh yeah, that was obvious.
13 days
Clay Travis voted for Obama. FRAUD!!!
13 days
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