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Today we learned that Texas A&M and UCLA have agreed to a home and home series and that LSU and Syracuse are working on home-and-home series starting in 2015. Here are some higher-profile nonconference games for the SEC during the next few years:

Alabama vs. West Virginia, in Atlanta, GA
Ole Miss vs. Boise State, in Atlanta, GA
LSU vs. Wisconsin, in Houston, TX
Tennessee at Oklahoma
Clemson at Georgia
Arkansas at Texas Tech
Auburn at Kansas State

Alabama vs. Wisconsin, in Arlington, TX
Texas A&M vs. Arizona State, in Houston, TX
Oklahoma at Tennessee
South Carolina vs. North Carolina, in Charlotte, NC
Auburn vs. Louisville, in Atlanta, GA
Texas Tech at Arkansas

UCLA at Texas A&M
Tennessee vs. Virginia Tech, in Bristol, TN (Bristol Motor Speedway)
LSU vs. Wisconsin, in Green Bay, WI

Texas A&M at UCLA
Florida vs. Michigan, in Arlington, TX
Purdue at Missouri
North Carolina State at LSU
Georgia Tech at Ole Miss
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