A recent study released by strategy consultant TJ Altimore on fanbase size uncovered some really interesting data that breaks down who has the most fans...
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AtlantaLSUfan18 months
Where in the heck did they get those numbers? How does Auburn have over 3 million fans? No one in the state cheers for Auburn unless they went to school there.
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TouchdownTony18 months
I know one Auburn fan that went there.
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brett40818 months
Missouri may have made the best decision of any team during the last century in regards to realignment. They may never win anything, but the SEC gravy train will keep producing for them.
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SomeLSUguy18 months
I used to live in SoCal and I can tell you USC may have 4mil fans... until they lose a game. Then they all become Laker fans.
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