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During his halftime interview on Thursday night, Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder hinted that his coaching staff would have to make adjustments as Auburn was getting the Wildcats' offensive signals. Per

In his halftime interview with ESPN's Samantha Ponder, Snyder said that Auburn was "getting our signals" in the first half.

When asked about the comment after the game, Gus Malzahn responded with a combination of "no" and "nah," resulting in a dismissive "nyah."
Skip to the 5:50 minute mark for Malzhan's reaction:

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brewhan davey118 months
Nothing in the rules about stealing signals.
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CrimsonCowboy118 months
well, if one team can see anothers signals, they only have themselves to blame. i wouldnt call that cheating. thats why people huddle.
user avatar
Drank118 months
Shame on this site for feeding the bullshite hat makes up lesser sports sites. But hey, when you are the best team in the SEC I guess it comes with the territory...
user avatar
masseylaw118 months
Such an allegation, if true, proves that Auburn's football program is smarter than K State.
user avatar
headrusch118 months
Makes sense. I mean they came back in the second half and put a hurting on Auburn after their signals weren't being stolen...
user avatar
rlebl39118 months
It's not like it's cheating. K state just needs to have better signals that aren't easy to figure out.
user avatar
Pavoloco83118 months
Stealing signals is what happens when you have shitty signals.
user avatar
ChexMix118 months
Haters gonna hate
user avatar
the808bass118 months
Dude couldn't look at the reporter and answer it. Lying eyes.
user avatar
Sleeping Tiger118 months
I bet Gus has track marks on his underwear every night. He's a turd.
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