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Ole Miss’ men’s basketball coach Andy Kennedy wants to get rid of fouling out after 5 fouls. Instead, he wants to give players unlimited fouls...
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His idea: After a player is called for his fifth foul, he gets to stay in the game, but for every proceeding foul, the opposing team gets two free throws and the ball.

“We’re the only sport where the best players can be eliminated from the game,” Kennedy said to Inside Ole Miss Sports. “Let’s just make it where it really has some teeth. If you foul, the other team’s going to get two shots and the ball. You talk about really having to think now as a coach! It still allows the best players to be in the game so that the fans can see what they came to see.”
Not a terrible idea. Thoughts?
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haveagreatday121 months
glad to see he is focusing on these things instead of softball coaches
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PortCityTiger82121 months
In the past I would say this was a dumb idea, but with all the flopping these days I guess something like this is better than nothing. I say just get rid of flopping and leave it the way it is. What pisses me off about basketball is when players purposely draw contact during a shot to get a foul. That's the kind of garbage that causes most players to get in foul trouble in the first place. Man up and play ball!!
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Gcockboi121 months
Not a bad idea
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tigerbite2121 months
Ok fine..time for a rule change like this and we must certainly change the scoring philosophy for the game as in the 3 pt shot (long shot deserves more points)...2 pt shot (inside the 3 pt line)...and then for dunks....only 1 pt....The best players can certainly adapt to this rule change as well..if not, then discipline has no place in game...
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3HourTour121 months
And similar rules for basketball would remain. You're not suggesting that Richard Sherman should get thrown out of the game after 3 PI penalties are you?
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runningTiger121 months
every sport has rules that allow the best player to be kicked out of the game. hey idiot, coach your players not to foul and they wont be kicked out
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runningTiger121 months
this coach is stupid
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atltiger6487121 months
Completely agree with Kennedy. I've never understood why players should be disqualified from a game based solely on the number of fouls, especially when the refs are calling a tight game. It alters the game far too much to sit a star player with 3 or 4 fouls. And it's not what fans want to see.

Let them keep playing after 5 fouls, just make each subsequent foul more penal. Let the coach decide if it's worth the risk to play a guy with 5 fouls.
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HandGrenade121 months
The penalty for a foul should be determined by the type of foul and not the number of fouls a particular player has. A ticky tack foul from a player with 6 previous fouls receives the same penalty as a flagrant foul at any point in this scenario. The 'best players' should be able to play within the rules and not commit so many fouls ideally.
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