Before Kentucky beat Arkansas 78-63 to win the SEC Tournament on Sunday, hardcore Wildcats fan Ashley Judd and ESPN's Dick Vitale locked lips. While on MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts, Judd explained the smooch heard round the SEC...

“Dick Vitale is one of my favorite human beings,” Judd explained. “He is an advocate for a sport that I love and he has been an unflinching voice for a long time. We became friends at the SEC Tournament and he’s covered some road games for Kentucky, so I had a chance to meet him there.

“My mother and sister used to always do this thing when they were taking a picture with someone. Right when the snap was made they would kiss on the cheek. So I did that with Dick. He’s like an uncle to me. I adore him. His wife is one of the most lovely human beings. So I’m disappointed that it’s been misinterpreted.”
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You couldn't come up with a good pun and his name is Dick? Come on Larry!!!
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