The Florida Gators are traveling like rock stars to Omaha. The team will be flying to the College World Serues in The Rolling Stones famous Boeing 737-400 due to scheduling and NCAA travel rules...
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The Stones played at Bobby Dodd Stadium in Atlanta on Tuesday night, and flew to Orlando early Wednesday for their show Friday night at the Citrus Bowl. They don’t play again until next Wednesday in Nashville, so with a weekend off in Florida, the plane was bid out for other charter flights.

The NCAA, in conjunction with an independent charter travel company, arranges flights for the eight schools and their traveling parties to get to Omaha. As it turns out, the Stones’ plane matched Florida’s criteria, was close by and most importantly, available.
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Tiger in Texas105 months
Cool...but I bet half the Florida Gayterds even know who the Stones are and how relevant they were to music starting 50 years ago.
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TigerNlc105 months
Legit cool story
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MaroonNation105 months
Should be plenty of leftover blow on board.
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