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re: Real Estate People... please assist

You only need to find the 1 warranty deed when they purchased your subject property. Then your search changes to warranty deeds from that prior owner.

I presume that you didn't find a warranty deed for the address that you are searching? I saw it was joint owner. You can search quitclaims. Maybe it was purchased by a family member who willed or quit claimed it to another party (the current owner).

I used to search security deeds to find any prior financing and possible liens.

Found the quit claim. You were right, they got it from a family member. And only 15 days after the Clarke County cutoff for searching online records (1988).

Any suggestions for pre-1988 searching?

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re: Real Estate People... please assist
Unfortunately, no.

If it is available online, sites like Zillow and redfin can pick up the sales history and share very easily.

If it isnt online, I'm not aware of any other resource that would compile it if the county never took the time to upload it.

The only other resource would be the courthouse records themselves. I don't know if those rooms are open to the public right now.

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