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On an early September night in 1985
We played a decent Bama team on paper. It was night and at home. We had a great crowd. The game was a slug fest without much scoring until the 4th quarter. The crowd still had the taste of a recent Championship and we were ready for another that year. We get a score late and get the game back to within a TD. The Defense stops them and we are gonna get the ball back with close to a minute left. On the punt, somehow, T Web gets in there and blocks the kick. We had a return play set up if I recall, but Web got in there clean. CRuff pushed the ball into the endzone and falls on it, which was legal at the time I think. Was one of the loudest moments ever in Sanford Stadium. Then, a bunch of dudes came off the sideline. They then started a dog pile in the endzone on C Ruff. I thought they may have killed him there were so many on top of him. Of course, we get 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. We are up by 3 and Bama gets the ball with less than a minute. Crum kicks off from the 20 and has a decent one and Bama is in business with no time outs and they suck at throwing the ball, so far. They start running motion plays and getting match ups with LBs on RBs and TEs... These are LBs made to tackle Bo Jackson, not to cover fast dudes in man. Bama shreds us and scores with a few seconds left to win the game. Shula looks like Joe Montana all of a sudden in this drive. Giving them those extra 15 yards was huge as they were able to take a shot at the end zone on their last play. Lack of discipline and inability to adjust to the opponent. Vince Dooley was the coach, not Mike Ridge.... this has been your Why we are fricking Cursed in Football UGA Moment. Good Day....

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