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Way too early bowl predictions
With the NCAA waiving all win requirements and the SEC having 10 bowl partners (not counting the playoff) it's going to be very difficult for us to miss a bowl.

This year's SEC bowl partners are

NY6 - Peach/Cotton/Orange/Fiesta (SEC champ gets one of these if they miss playoff)

Tier 1
Citrus - gets 1st pick after playoff and NY6 choose

Group of 6 (SEC front office assigns teams to these)
Las Vegas vs Pac 12 (alternates w/Belk every other year)
Gator vs ACC
Outback vs Big 10
Music City vs Big 10
Texas vs Big 12
Liberty vs Big 12

Tier 3
Birmingham vs American
Gasparilla vs American

So at minimum there are 10 guaranteed bowl slots for SEC teams. I didn't list any alternate conference affiliates b/c I'm assuming now that there are no win requirements all prime affiliates are locked in.

Here is our schedule

Vandy - W
@ Bama
@ Moo
@ USCe
@ Tenner
Ole Miss
@ Auburn

5 wins likely guarantees a bowl while 3-4 wins will make an invite depend on what other teams are also at the bottom of the conference. I think we will still be favorites over Pig, USCe, and Ole Miss but after that barring major improvement on offense things will get dicey.

Going by what happened Saturday and which Go6 bowls we've most recently been in I'm guessing the Birmingham (vs SMU, Memphis, Cincy, or Houston), Liberty (vs Baylor, TCU, Iowa St or Tech), and Music City (Nebraska, Indiana, Mich St, Minny) are currently the most likely destinations.

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re: Way too early bowl predictions
American Standard Toilet Bowl

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re: Way too early bowl predictions
Would be a major fail for what was supposed to be “the year.” Jimbob got his work cut out for em.

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