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192 all-purpose yards
Isaiah Spiller is a fricking man. And he looks like an NFL back.

That 4th and 2 where he broke off for the TD. That changed the game momentum.

Then those last couple of drives. Especially the last one. He looked like frickin Walter Payton our there just finessing through defenders and powering through to finish plays. I mean holy shite I think he put at least two attacking defenders in the dirt and got solid yards after contact.

Seriously, take a look at the stats for the top 10 rushers in the SEC. What you will see is Spiller has the best YPC and against two top 5 teams. He has less carries and more efficiency.

OC/Jimbo called a hell of a game. That 4th and two where he went for it was a good play. Then the first down where we lateral pitched to Spiller. It got a first down and really put us in a power position. But we held it back all game and hit them vertically. Then, when the team needed it, we shifted gears.

Overall the team really showed how dynamic they can be. Starting to see the types of things I hoped would develop in year 3 of Jimbo. I think we got a little screwed with COVID setting things back in a critical year for us as a program. And I think it’s been a process for Jimbo to develop the relationships he needs to recruit elite talent but we are starting to see the possibilities.

Mond executed perfectly. That is how he should play every game as a SR under Jimbo’s mentorship. But this happens every year with him so I’m not holding my breath. But this was a good game for him.

What really sucks is Chapman’s injury. You could see it happen in real time. I feel horrible for the kid. Before today he had less than 50 yards receiving and 5 receptions. He had a huge game. Jimbo was cashing checks in his head watching this kid catch the ball like Swopes.

Defense was clutch. Won us the game.

Holy shite Buddy Johnson is nasty. Our whole defensive front is just a bunch of nasty dudes. It’s wonderful.

We were bigger than UF all around (I thought). Bigger and as fast. That’s the Jimbo effect. Whether you’re happy with him or not, there’s really no doubting he has recruited exceptionally well.

The crowd helped win this game too. Did you see that penalty in the 4th when they were kicking? Second screw up that possession. Nice to see Kyle can still be loud even at reduced capacity.

I’m to a point in life where I don’t care if we win or lose. But it’s not too bad to see a win like this against a top 5 team. It had the feel of two good teams going back and forth. Which I think at the end of the day is what we can realistically expect from Jimbo. We better at least have a competitive team. I think we do, and perhaps more competitive than the previous years, but we will see how things develop.

Not a bad change of pace from no sports to watch.

Oh and our kicker Small iced that field goal. I know it was a chip shot but either way he iced that bitch and it was fricking clean. Very clean kick. When the pressure is on it doesn’t always go that way.

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re: 192 all-purpose yards
Yes to everything

And to still using one of our best sig pics ever

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re: 192 all-purpose yards

Isaiah Spiller

When he reprised Ben Malena's 2012 truck stick of a Gator...only this time on 4th and 2...and THIS time for a TOUCHDOWN...that was fricking special

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re: 192 all-purpose yards

When he reprised Ben Malena's 2012 truck stick of a Gator.

Damn that Malena run was nasty. Felt like that was when I knew we were going to be ok in a tougher conference

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re: 192 all-purpose yards

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