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LSU's offense is remarkably well coached
Joe Brady should be a lock for every assistant of the year award.

The most impressive thing to me yesterday were the two drives LSU had in the 4th quarter when the lead had been cut to 6.

This was about as high pressure situation as you can get and really must scores for LSU given how the game was going at that point. I think everyone on the planet expected that if Bama got the ball back with a chance to take the lead they were going to.

Most of the times teams in this situation go into a shell and try to "hold on" which is the worst thing you can do.

LSU's play calling stayed aggressive, but not reckless. In addition the plays were ones that had not really been seen much yet up to that time, and Bama's defense was caught off guard by the switch up.

Nothing you can do but tip your hat to it.

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re: LSU's offense is remarkably well coached
We know

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re: LSU's offense is remarkably well coached
Burrow, Chase, and CEH big dicked them
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re: LSU's offense is remarkably well coached
This game was a mirror image of the Texas game

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re: LSU's offense is remarkably well coached
Given your respectful tone I will respond seriously. I think what you saw with those drives was a team that had been battle tested. As mentioned before they had done it against Texas. While notably does not have as good of a defense but situation was similar and the stadium there was hyped for the biggest home game in a decade. So while it was tougher competition the situation was the same and confidence was there.

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