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re: Wildest/most ridiculous story youve been told by someone?
A 65-year-old man comes into a halfway house and tests positive for cocaine. His excuse, he was with 2 hookers after he got out of prison, and one blew crack smoke up his dick.

I could go into detail, but details aren't needed. I just sat there in awe. His story was fuct on so many levels.

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re: Wildest/most ridiculous story youve been told by someone?
There was this kid we went to school with who was notorious for telling tall tales and we called him Grandpa (name redacted).

The story of his that sticks with me most to this day was him telling a group of us that he took his old POS Ford F150 and pulled a horse trailer with two horses inside 100mph up the tallest mountain in the county. But unfortunately on the way up the transmission fell out his truck. No big deal though because he happened to have another transmission in the back of the truck so he just dropped the sumbitch right there on the side of the road and slapped the new one in and continued on his way.

Funniest part was when someone asked what about the transmission fluid he didn't even skip a beat in saying he tore off his shirt to collect the fluids and then rung it all out into the new transmission.

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