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re: Do you believe in ghosts?
I’m waiting bitch

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re: Do you believe in ghosts?

Bro, I swear to God I too was haunted by a hand when I was a child. I never talk about it because nobody would believe me if I did.

It is very common. I was scared to speak of it even after I was 18-20 years old because some part of my physche told me it might come back LOL. It is a very common thing for children to describe in all cultures around the world.

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re: Do you believe in ghosts?
Damn you for sending me down this rabbit hole. Ha.

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re: Do you believe in ghosts?
yup! witnessed with my own eyes with my bro-in-law.
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re: Do you believe in ghosts?
Real life occurrence that qualifies I think:

We were sophomores in college I guess, in the dorm one night screwing around, and someone had a ouija board. We positioned it out in the middle of the floor in the dorm hallway. We didn't know anything about ouiga boards, someone explains the general concepts I guess, and so my salt of the earth crazy arse best friend decides he's going to be the one to try it.

So, a little about my friend. Tough arse college football player, comes from a great family, no nonsense, not a fake bone or drama bone in his body. Loves to drink and score with girls, and the first guy I ever smoked pot with. Normal dude.

He puts two hands on the ouiga board little fricking pointed arrow type thing, whatever the hell you call it and starts "talking to the spirits" - all the sudden he jumps off of that MF like a cat off a scaulding hot tin roof and sort of yells "F that shit!"

He takes off to his room and we're wondering what the hell just happened. We follow him and ask him, and he does not want to talk and just wants to get to his room and be left alone. WTF? What did he see?

We never found out. We never thought to ask him about it years later. But something scared the living shite out of him that night.

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re: Do you believe in ghosts?
Not sure you call it ghosts . . .

(however it's spirit type weird to me)

When a kid and long before geared mountain bikes I'd ride my banana seated chopper type bike on this trail. It was up a small hill and through the woods and a shortcut to get to the nearest store. Like said it was a real shortcut dissecting a curve, on a I never asked why cleared trail, and it kept me off a major throughway. And every time without fail, as nearing a clearing on top, I'd get this overpowering case of the willies. Not an I'm alone in the woods, but rather an I'm not alone ominous deep dark feel. Deep down to the core and I'd intellectually think this doesn't make sense. So after stopping at the edge, where the hair on my arms would raise, I'd literally pray and pedal as fast as possible across to the other side.

It was years later when talking to a man working this store that he mentioned, there's a place on the top of that hill where the witches meet. That it was where a coven from town routinely gathered. And he only found out because they'd sometimes park at the store after hours.

Me, I'm an old guy, so this is many decades old; however it still raises the hair on the back of my neck and gives me the chills.
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re: Do you believe in ghosts?

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re: Do you believe in ghosts?
I, too, have been terrorized by a hand since around age 12.
Some nights, when I've been lonely for a few weeks, the hand will terrorize me again.

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