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Clemson / Miami Score Prediction
Miami is ranked #7 but Clemson will win it 55-7 or some shite like that. Miami will be the best team Clemson will face in conference.

Further proof that Clemson is a Group of Five team that does fine in a shitty conference and would probably lose 2-3 games if they played 10 SEC games this year.


ETA: SEC is mentioned so this is relevant to the board.

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re: Clemson / Miami Score Prediction
Clemson is way better than Miami but not 55-7 better. I know for damn sure that Miami is better than Virginia, and Clemson had a real game with Virginia.

Clemson will go undefeated because of playing in the ACC but let's not pretend that they would be worse than second best in the SEC (this year)
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re: Clemson / Miami Score Prediction
I think it will be more like a 35 to 17 type game. But yea, Clemson will definitely be undefeated in ACC play.

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re: Clemson / Miami Score Prediction
ugh, sad state of affairs when I find myself actually rooting for Miami to win a football game.

that said, 42-17 Sheep Humpers

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re: Clemson / Miami Score Prediction
Clemson will crush them. 42-10... not sold on Miami at all.

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re: Clemson / Miami Score Prediction
41-24 Clemson.

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