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Heart breaker loss to LSU
After fighting back from deep in the whole to then go ahead only to lose with a buzz better shot was just awful..I feel for the players.

Nick played with a great deal of energy that I believe led the team back when down. He played a high game of defense, aggressive on offense. Perry played his "usual" game, which means consistent and good. I'm afraid that Tyson would be getting fewer and fewer minutes, shooting is ice cold and not as aggressive with the ball as he should or can be. Team needs a three point shooter to do it night in night out, not sometimes.

Hopefully, the game Tue. will go better at home.

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re: Heart breaker loss to LSU
Yep need the win Tuesday. We have a 3 game home stretch coming up where we need to win all 3 at this point.

But as much as I'm panicking, there's still 85% left of this conference season so there is still time to turn this around.

And really in a lot of ways vs LSU I thought we did much better defensively

But we're struggling too much at the 3 point line and struggling way too much in turnovers. 18 turnovers to their 8 is why we ultimately lost. We can't have a -10 turnover margin and expect to beat any SEC team.

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re: Heart breaker loss to LSU
Heart breaker last night but overall we did a lot of things better.

and yes the two things that are hurting us are three point shooting and turnovers. The good news is I think we can get much better at both. We have players that can shoot but we seem to be collectively in a slump. We definitely should be better at handling the ball than we have been.

Lot of basketball to be played and obviously the pressure is on us to win but I believe these guys will string together some wins now.

Definitely not giving up on this group.

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