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Thoughts on Oklahoma/Texas additions?

This board is dead, to the point I have to update my post with 0 replies days later

Anyway, what are your alls thoughts on Oklahoma and Texas joining?

You ok with it? You hate it?
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I don't mind Oklahoma but Texas has a history of wrecking leagues. I know it "just mean more" money so it will pass. Oklahoma brings a top 5 football team and Texas brings money. I hate to see the other teams in the Big 12 get screwed over. It seems to be the first chess move in a major realignment that will hurt some good teams and good fans. But if it hurts U of L then I am good with it.

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Oklahoma has been the handmaiden to Texas so long they have Stockholm syndrome. They are the better sports school and were the king in the old Big 8 and now they are the lesser child of Texas the way Texas treated Arkansas in the old SWC. Sooners actually fit the SEC sports profile the best but they have been in the Big 12 and absorbed all that hate they will probably never be right in the head again

Texas was in the pre SEC (old SIAA with Texas A&M) and left when they kept getting beat by Vanderbilt (really, the Dores dominated Texas in Texas that the Utx folks started playing Oklahoma in Dallas instead).

Texas ego left SIAA and SEC benefitted
Texas left SWC after wrecking it
Texas left B12 after wrecking it

Unless you can changes the ego of Utx folks, they will wreck the SEC

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Very excited about more gamethreads.

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