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First 9-win season since 1977
And you would think by some of our fans that we were at 5-6 and not even going bowling.

I’m way over those people at the moment. Stoops is no Saban, but he inherited a 2-win team with MAC talent and had us in contention in the East within 5 years. That’s one recruiting class coming to fruition.

Is he perfect? Nope. He’s a guy that’s been learning on the job to be an HC. We’ve seen how that can go poorly with Joker Phillips, so maybe some credit is due. It’s as much about changing the culture as it is anything and it’s not easy.

No wonder no one wants to fricking coach here. Our fans are damn near as unrealistic as LSU fans at this point. And I wish some would take their pessimistic BS and go root for UofL at this point.
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re: First 9-win season since 1977
Stoops has been outstanding. We've gone from 2-10 cellar dweller to 2nd in the division in 6 years, and have won 9 games. If at the beginning of the year you told me we'd win 9 games I would not have believed you (troll threads about winning the East aside)
I hope that we throw the money to keep him if someone comes after him, because he has done pretty much everything he said. He has recruited Ohio and gotten us competitive in and out of conference again.
No he's not Saban, but I'm more than happy with the job he has done. He just had a better regular season than rich Brooks did, or any coach here, in 41 years. We should be in the best bowl weve been in, in a long time. And he knocked the Florida monkey off our back. What's not to be pumped about?

And I wish some would take their pessimistic BS and go root for UofL at this point.

Having to root for Louisville, that might be a little harsh
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re: First 9-win season since 1977
Belle, just remember I was pro Stoops early on for defense when other on here wanted Leach or Petrino types. FWIW, I like Leach but he needs to be in a conference where less defense is played. KJK5H (allegedly).

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re: First 9-win season since 1977
I overall like stoops, but the ut loss was gawd awful, and halftime adjustments at atm and we have one loss.

Yes first 9 win season since 84 should be celebrated, but it could have been much better and should have been.

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re: First 9-win season since 1977
Congratulations to y'all, that was a very nice season

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