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re: Something is going on with Franks...
Y’all take it way too seriously sometimes. Why can’t we just get over it? We just won the peach bowl for Pete sakes. And annihilated Michigan while doing.

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re: Something is going on with Franks...
I think the vast majority of people are over it, but for me it will always be giving unwarranted favor to someone. People say dumb things, I correct them, they make it personal when it shouldn't be.

"Franks is better but not that much better."

"So he's not better at all? 24 passing touchdowns to 9!!911!!"

"Only six of those come from the 7 games when we played someone with a winning record."

"YoU jUsT hAtE hIm".

Then we have guys who come here talking shite about our coach and saying we can't fairly critique the Quarterback.

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