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Reggie Chaney
I always liked his play, why did he leave?
Mike fan? Didn’t fit the system?

Getting about the same amount of minutes on this Houston final 4 team. Could have been a good Justin Smith back up all year.

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re: Reggie Chaney
Muss wouldn't put up with his shite.

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re: Reggie Chaney
he kinda seemed like he was always in Muss's doghouse. he was on a short leash, getting the quick hook pretty often. from what i remember, he just couldnt stop giving away cheap fouls, and im assuming wasnt up to speed on defense.

there was a point last year when he got subbed out a game pretty quick, Muss looked frustrated, Reggie looked frustrated, and i just knew he was gonna be gone. dont know for sure, but i got the vibe things werent working out for reggie under muss last year.

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re: Reggie Chaney
Muss is an intense guy. That's going to be off putting for some players, especially today's players. The ones that get past that will thrive. I think that's why the team never panicked when down double digits.

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re: Reggie Chaney
He wasn't a very smart player. He often got foul trouble early in games. He was lost and had difficulty on what Muss wanted out of him. I think Muss encouraged him to transfer.

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