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Off season thread: grade every position group
I’m bored and would like to see other hog fans take on our roster compared to mine.

Qb- b-/c+ this depends a lot on how well starkel comes along. Will be better than last year regardless because we can’t be any worse

Rb- B rakeem Boyd has a chance to be a difference maker if he stays healthy and I believe has the potential to play on sundays. Whaley and Hayden are solid veterans who provide decent depth at the position

Wr- c+ talent here bur it’s young I hope they surprise me but not setting my expectations too high. I do think we see flashes of greatness at times throughout the season from some of the young studs particularly Knox and burkes

TE- C+ o Grady has a ceiling that hasn’t been reached yet and Hudson Henry could end up being a monster but this again is a position that I want to see perform on the field before I hype them anymore

Oline- C with the addition of some highly touted jucos coming in to compete for playing time and with Austin Capps switching sides as well as a whole year in the system I believe we see improvement but you can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shite and we’re still gonna be relying on a couple guys who in my opinion just aren’t that talented

Dline- B- much like the tight ends we have some freaks here who on paper have the potential to really break out and dominate people but it’s just proving it on the field

Linebackers- B best position group on the team simply because of scoota. We’ve got a rock in the middle of our defense who if he stays healthy will contend for post season accolades

Secondary-C. Weakest position group in defense hopefully some young guys step up and make some noise because there isn’t really any upperclassmen of note except for kam curl who I believe will have a solid season for us.

Hopefully I’m not pumping too much sunshine

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re: Off season thread: grade every position group
Oline should get a D

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re: Off season thread: grade every position group
QB: B(two guys who seem capable on paper, depth)
RB: B+(two proven guys, depth)
WR: C(young. could up grade early in season)
TE: B+(IMO two of most talented TE's in league)
OL: F(until proven otherwise)
DL: C(need to see it early)
LB: C+(Have Scoota & Bumper, but very thin)
Secondary: D(torched last season. need improvement)

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re: Off season thread: grade every position group
QB C Could grade up if Starkel earns the start
RB B If everybody stays healthy
WR C Too much youth
TE B+ Love this group
OL F- until proven otherwise
DL D+ could trend up if Agim has a break out season
LB C Stay healthy Scoota
DB D- til proven otherwise

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re: Off season thread: grade every position group
Coaches - F until proven otherwise

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re: Off season thread: grade every position group
QB C+ - No matter what grade we give here, it will be better than last year.

RB B+ - But the Oline is going to be bad so...

WR B- - Youth doesn't hurt here as much as other positions.

TE A - Defenses are going to have nightmares of our TE's.

OL D- - Crap sammich.

DL C+ - I think it could be a team strength but it could just as easily be a bust.

LB B - If they stay healthy.

DB D - I really hope we aren't this bad here.

Added Bonus: Special Teams: C+ - Because it can't get worse, right?

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re: Off season thread: grade every position group
I have a hard time giving to WRs or TEs a high grade with the OL expected to be so bad. They may be an A on talent but look like a C on the field due to the line.

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