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Gotta love the Armchair Coach K's on Jumpball
I haven't read jumpball in a while, but damn that is good stuff.


"It's easy to recruit against Anderson because he doesn't let his top players play alot"

Well, Powell is averaging 29 mpg, and Young is averaging 28 mpg. And didn't Anderson just go out and land two top 40 players for 2013 and have 3 Top 150 recruits in 2012? Dumb comment


"People say we don't have players to fit his system, well then he needs to change his style until he does"

Lol. Good coaches don't do that, they continue to coach like they always have.

Petrino didn't change his offense when Dick was at QB
Nolan didn't change his style when he had Sutton players
Anderson didn't change his style when he got to Mizzou and took over Snyder's mess.

And what exactly what he change his offense to? We have no shooters, and is small inside. They system we're currently playing actually hides those defects.

They keep saying the "Pel's players are still here" stuff is just an excuse, and then they go on to say half of the current roster is Anderson players(they count Madden, Young and Mickelson. Lol)

HawgAlude is having a field day. He's saying the Freshman suck, but they're the only ones that are always giving 100% all game. He says we're being to hard on M. Wade, Scott and BJ. Says they aren't that bad. Yea, 22%, 28% and 27% from three is always encouraging. Wade is being a pissy bitch, Scott just can't shoot, and BJ is looking ahead to the NBA. Lets give them a pass.

Then they go on and talk about how Mike won right away at UAB, completely ignoring the fact that Mike went 18-12 and 16-16 in his 1st two years at Missouri, and then they get pissy about our 12-7 record compared to our 14-5 record at this time last year, again completely ignoring the fact that last year we play scrubs outside of two games in OOC, and this year we played 5 NCAA Tourney teams in a row(including the #1 and #5 teams), hampering our record. But my favorite part is certain people that we're pumping this as a Elite 8 caliber team is now claiming to have never predicted that. Bunch of fricking retards over there.

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re: Gotta love the Armchair Coach K's on Jumpball
when do you sleep bro?

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re: Gotta love the Armchair Coach K's on Jumpball
No coach K, he hasn't won a road game this season either...

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