Lane Kiffin said he didn't want to cause a distraction to his team by announcing his contract extension with Ole Miss before the Egg Bowl. While discussing the ordeal with ESPN's Matt Barrie, Paul Finebaum called Lane Kiffin's decision/statement "ridiculous"...

"He did not announce that he was staying at Ole Miss before the game because he thought it might adversely affect his team. I don't understand what that means," Finebaum said. "It seems like if you're about to play the biggest game of the year, and you say, 'Guys, I've been offered a job, but I'm staying here, bam!'"
(The Spun)
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CaptainJ4715 months
I can’t wait to see how Lane busts his balls next. The goat fuel bit was well done.
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Hussss15 months
Finebaum is Judas. He praises and then bashes. Does it to everyone, even his biggest man crush Saban.

Why anyone cares what this weasel thinks is beyond me.
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SquarePizzaRebel15 months
The first time I ever watched or read anything from him, it was clear he is a 100% Saban dickrider Rammer Jammer. Have never listened to any of the garbage he puts out since.
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TemperdTiger15 months
Well I mean what he said is accurate, if you don't want it to affect your team, just quash the rumor at the getgo, "I was offered, but I'm staying here and signing the paperwork after the game"
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cctiger6015 months
that kind of what being a sport show host calling it like it is and not being biased
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