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Ole Miss is reportedly hiring Texas Director of Player Personnel Billy Glasscock as the Rebels' new general manager.

Glassock has been at Texas for three seasons and replaces Austin Thomas, who left last week after two years in Oxford to return to LSU.

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Can’t help himself, saw that DeBoer had a GM and needed to also rename a role with that title.
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GoldenReb1 month
Ummm no, Ole Miss had that role for awhile now. Lost previous GM to LSU so hired this guy.

Some Bama fans can’t help themselves though, they have to make things circle back to them somehow.
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Jedi1 month
Billy Glasscock and Joey Freshwater
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So we have GM's in college sports now? Salary caps forthcoming?
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CanebreakCajun1 month
Suck it.
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