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Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin spoke with reporters recently and commented on his new veteran roster, which he built up through the transfer portal this offseason. Per On3:

“It does (open things up), but then even though they’ve played other places and been experienced, they are new to ours,” Kiffin said. “It’s like they pick up better because they’re older. It is a very NFL vibe because we always have so many new players, but this I think more than ever are players that have played a lot, especially in this conference. So it kind of feels more like, ‘OK here’s free agency. Here’s all these pieces have experience and played — some in similar systems as ours.’ Then piecing it all together.

“Right or wrong, I’ve erred on the side of we’re gonna do a lot of mental work and a lot of practicing, but we’re not gonna do a lot of tackling and physical work just for the wear and tear of offseason and the season and potentially a lot of games. I’m not saying we’re gonna play a lot of games, but potentially the new format has a lot of games.”
Kiffin also talked about the ever-changing landscape of college football...

“Here’s what it is guys, there’s times now you’ve got to make decisions. I don’t know what other people do. I hear other people be like, ‘we want these players’ and goes and pays them and tries to get them. We’re like, ‘OK, what is a player’s value?’ There’s great players that got paid, but here’s another side piece that isn’t necessarily good. Players around the country are at a place but then there may be other people wanting to come to that place. They’ve got to figure out are they gonna keep paying them that or go pay the new players just like the NFL. This whole thing is very much — every benefit has a cost. That’s one of them for the players.”

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