Before Saturday's Peach Bowl, fans discovered a burner account on Twitter that was firing off negative comments about Ole Miss. During this his postgame press conference after the Rebels win over Penn State, head coach Lane Kiffin confirmed that Ole Miss offensive assistant Fisher Ray created that social media account... (The Spun)
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GusAU2 months
No way that this is a rare occurrence in sports.

Kiffen just said the quiet part out loud.
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Twenty 492 months
So was the kid trying to motivate Ole Miss by having a fake Peen State fan account talk shite about them? Were there no real Peen State tweeters already talking shit?
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TheWalrus2 months
I wish I had the slightest idea what this was about
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TFH2 months
Really smart of Larry to link anything from said tweeter account
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AtlantaLSUfan2 months
Have no idea what this is referencing
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NebraskaExPat2 months
"I thought it was pretty funny actually because they discovered that it was Fisher Ray, one of our assistants, one of our student assistants," Kiffin said. "So Fisher is now kind of famous. But I thought it was really cool last night when he showed it to me, he's like, these Penn State fans now, they're into this."

I'm not sure Mississippi fans should be all that impressed with this.
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crossfire2 months
Rat poison
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