Former NFL defensive lineman Glenn Foster , who logged three sacks for the New Orleans Saints in 2013, reportedly died just two days after he was arrested in Alabama at the age of 31...

A Pickens County Medical Examiner official confirmed the Dec. 6 death, according to, though the spokesperson would not reveal the circumstances surrounding the passing, saying an investigation is currently underway.

Jail records show Foster was arrested and booked on Dec. 4 on charges of reckless endangerment, resisting arrest and attempting to elude. The records show he was later rebooked on Dec. 5 on charges of simple assault and robbery.
He retired from the league in 2016.
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Look at that rap sheet…. Assault, robbery , resisting … sounds like an outstanding guy, once again! I bet all of the young boys in the area looked up to him and he was going to ministry school…
Reply2 months
There's no reason to do this. A young man is dead and gone.
1 month
Yall don't even know whats going on in this guys life. CTE, drugs, whatever. Life can be hard after football for guys whose identify is defined by how well they do between the hashmarks. No need to talk bad about him.
Reply2 months
I don't he is talking bad about him just real. So many athletes are put on pedestals from the earliest age when they show to be far advanced of their peers. They are treated as being special, given perks, have small insignificant transgressions ignored at the time. They grow up never having to deal with real life and its harsh everyday realities. Which is literally what he described. A man in many ways, but still a child in many other ways.
2 months
Sounds like another man child.
Reply2 months
Smh out of all the places, Alabama.
Reply2 months
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