John Daly Bumped Up Surgical Cancer Procedure To Play Golf Tourney With Son In December
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John Daly is recovering after undergoing a surgical procedure related to his bladder cancer this week, a procedure he bumped up in hopes of playing a golf tourney with his son against Tiger Woods and his son in December...

In fact, Daly's so confident, he recently entered the PNC Championship along with his 16-year-old son Little John Daly so they could play together during the Dec. 17 to 20 event.

The issue ... doctors recently told Daly they wanted him to undergo a procedure connected to his treatment -- and the timing could have clashed with the golf tourney.

So, John took the bull by the horns and bumped up the procedure -- which took place on Wednesday -- so he could have enough time to recover and get himself ready to play in December.

We're told John is doing well so far and is in good spirits -- and remains confident he'll give Tiger Woods and his son a run for their money!
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F*** Cancer
Reply1 day
What a legend.
Reply2 days
Wait... Is his son's name "Little John Daly"?
Reply2 days
I believe there is a John Daly II and also a Little John Daly. We're getting into George Foreman territory here.
2 days
This is getting ridiculous. I have a family member with recurring bladder cancer. They go into your weiner, scrape off the cancer, and you're back to normal in a day or two, golf and all. You're just not supposed to lift much for a couple weeks. Moving up surgery only forces him to have it done more often. It requires a lifestyle change and supplements, and even then it's really hard to keep away.
Reply2 days
I didn’t know he was sick. I wish him the best and hope for a fast recovery.
Reply2 days
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