Things you don't want to happen before you are slingshotted into the air at a amusement park...

Per WFTV...

A slingshot-type ride in Panama City, Florida failed just before launching passengers high into the air.

Saturday evening, two occupants were seated in the “Vertical Accelerator” at the Cobra Adventure Park when one of the cords shredded.

After the incident, the ride was closed and the passengers were removed.

Reverse bungee rides, sometime referred to as slingshots, ejection seats or a catapult bungee fling riders hundreds of feet into the air on elastic ropes.

Officials at the park told WMBB that the ride is currently open and inspectors will be checking the ride.
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frick that shit
Reply30 days
Call spencer callahan and get paid for emotional trauma
Reply30 days
Call 3872323
30 days
Think about how fun that ride would have been, had the cord broken at the top of the shot.
Reply30 days
That operator guy got the frick out of dodge. lol
Reply30 days
The guy was just about to pull the lever too.
Reply1 month
I rode that same one back in 01. Probably the same cords lol
Reply1 month
That cord looked shredded af beforehand.
Reply1 month
Perhaps Florida should consider having someone other than the Department of Agriculture inspecting carnival rides. How does that make any sense.
Reply1 month
Florida..... nuff said
30 days
Awww heeelll noo.
Reply1 month
Some say his hands are still raised to this day
Reply1 month
Fruit of the Loom started a scholarship fund in the park worker's honor
1 month
All we know is, he’s called THE STIG.
30 days
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