Charles Barkley was recently asked if he had any interest in filling the vacant athletic director job at his alma mater Auburn after school parted ways with athletic director Allen Greene prior to the 2022 football season...
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Dawg8317 months
It’s comical to think Barkley would go to any school as an AD, even his alma mater. Why does he need that stress? He gets paid very well just to be Charles Barkley.
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Dickses17 months
H8 that guy!
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TouchdownTony17 months
I'd love it if they brought this shitehead in as AD. He'd hire like Herm Edwards or Romeo Cronnell as football coach.
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atltiger648717 months
I agree with Barkley. Why in the world would he want to get mixed up in a thankless job with tons of pressure, like an AD, when he already has the cushiest gig there is and is getting paid a fortune.
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Luke17 months
Sometimes it isn’t all about the coin Chuck…
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RazzleDazzle17 months
To go to Auburn, yeah it is.
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