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re: Suggested Viewing Tonight: Roses of Crimson - stewieie
Watching the video reminded me a day in the late 1940's, I got Johnny Mack Brown's autograph in a barber shop in Tuscaloosa. My family went to a game. We were spending the whole day, so in the morning an uncle with us decided he wanted a hair cut. We went in, and lo and behold, there was Johnny M...
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re: What is your favorite trio of players, ever? - stewieie
Probably the best two were Shawn Alexander and Chris Samuels. They literally took charge of the team and won and SEC Championship. I think Alexander is in the hunt as best running back ever at Bama....
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re: Can we talk about what Will Anderson did to Deculus on 4th down? - stewieie
The improvement in the defense has been fantastic. I figured the defense would improvement, but never thought it would reach this level. I realize they haven't faced any world class offenses lately, but I really think they will shown up for any team. ...
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re: Every Alabama RB that played today got a TD - stewieie
Roydell Williams caught my eye. He looks like a prototype running back to me....
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re: Marlon Humphrey opens and shares what he got from Bama in his care package - stewieie
I am reluctant to mention this, which is a symptom of the money involved in the NFL, but in my opinion I thought he, Foster and Allen all mailed it in a little bit in the lost to Clemson for the title. I am not sure it cost Bama the win, but I think it definitely contributed to it. I think Young m...
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re: What permanent, everyday changes come out of this coronavirus event? - stewieie
These are excellent observations and legitimate questions. A college engineering professor friend told me much of the higher cost of education is due to unnecessary administrative functions. On line courses should reduce the cost of higher education across the board, but I am not holding my breath...
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re: Terrell Lewis...interesting take on last year's defense. - stewieie
This is a good spot for me to give my opinion on last year's LSU game. LSU had a great team, but I think the LSU coaching staff did even a greater job in that game. Their defense schemed us in the first half to stop our offensive bread and butter. We adjusted our offense and defense in the second...
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re: Golding needs to go. - stewieie
I was surprised when an Auburn offensive lineman stated before last years game, that they believed they could do what ever they wanted against the Tide. He was right. That was one of the strangest games I have ever seen, both our offense against their defense and vice versa. The best Bama defens...
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re: UA vs UGA - stewieie
Should be a competitive game. The last three sure were....
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