Tennis Influencer Rachel Stuhlman gets asked a lot of questions. So, she decided to jump on Instagram to answer them...

Pickleball girl Here are answers to some questions that I’m asked nearly every day lol

• Yes, I like to play pickleball! I love how the sport brings communities together in a positive, healthy, and social way

• No, it’s not “taking over tennis.” That’s a very dramatic take lol. There’s room for both sports to thrive. And I don’t mind the sound

• I love how it gives former professional and college tennis players another opportunity to shine on tour.
• The skillsets from tennis transfer over to pickleball nearly seamlessly. Obviously there are some mechanical changes (dink, 3rd shot drop/drive, etc)

I’m a racquet sports girl. Tennis, pickleball, padel, platform tennis, squash, ping pong- truth is, I love them all

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Redbone2 months
I'm influenced.
user avatar
TheWalrus2 months
user avatar
BlackPot2 months
Girl stands and takes a picture: "Skank" lmao. Some of you guys are clowns.
user avatar
CanebreakCajun2 months
Completely au natural. Not one lick of plastic, botox or saline.
user avatar
WhoDatNC2 months
She's more of a boner influencer than tennis influencer.
user avatar
robertgamb2 months
There's that great rack!
user avatar
CajunBullet2 months
What other types of balls does Rachel like to play with?
user avatar
CallmeSteveo2 months
Only one question. When can we expect the only fans page?
user avatar
Hangit2 months
Also, are there any pics of her before she had the chest-cannons installed?
user avatar
TheWalrus2 months
Look at her Missouri tennis pics, looks like a different person
user avatar
Liberator2 months
LOL @ "chest-cannons"
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