South Carolina is sponsored by Under Armour, but that didn't stop their QB Connor Shaw from ripping them. Shaw tweeted this last Thursday...

“3rd time the sole of my Under Armour shoes have completely busted. And we wonder why so many people have ‘freak’ foot injuries on the team..”
These athletes need to stop tweeting every thought that comes to their head.
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SouljaBreauxTellEm141 months
UA is not a company i'd trust for shoes. They make good "under armour", but I'd trust companies like nike or reebok when it comes to cleats. Just my opinion.
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GeauxTGRZ141 months
Maybe Larry Leo and El Gaucho needs to stop posting everything that pops in their heads.
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calitiger141 months
Why? If the products are shite and he is forced to wear them because of some ill-advised corporate sponsorship then he should voice his concerns. Good job, Shaw.
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cameron789787141 months
Totally agree with Shaw. Under Armour shoes are shite. If his shoes breaking result in him getting injured, it's goodbye team, goodbye scholarship, and maybe even goodbye school.
Now I wouldn't have tweeted about it, but if this was the third time it happened I would have gone to a higher up to see if there was any other type of shoe I could wear so I could save my ankles
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glaucon141 months
He is worried about legitimate injury concerns that effect his and his teammates long term earning potential as well as the negative effect of their performance due to sub-standard equipment. As he didn't negotiate or really benefit from the deal with Under armor, I don't really see why we should chastise him and tell him to just shut up and deal with it.

As far as tweets go, it may be inappropriate as far as his institution is concerned but this isn't just airing minor locker room disagreement with his coaches or providing locker room material to the other team. It is whistle blowing and personally, I wouldn't be that upset if it had been an LSU player saying such things as if the equipment has the potential to cause injury, this is one of the only ways that it will get attention and potentially be dealt with before it has a negative effect on the season.

If the corporate partner is providing substandard equipment, screw them.
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eXfaktor141 months
Maybe he shouldn't be tweeting it, but this is more than a legitimate concern.

Oh wait we play them this year. Let's just sweep this one under the rug. Carry on, Under Armour...

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