Brandon Lee Henry, 19, and Latisha Lamson, 21, stole $756 worth of goods from Walmart yesterday to pay off a bet he lost on Saturday’s UT football game. Henry was seen running out of the store with a shopping cart containing a flat-screen TV and several other items in boxes, according to the officer’s report. The officer read the two their rights and then asked them about the stolen merchandise.

“I asked Mr. Henry where the merchandise was located at,” the report says.

“He stated the boxes were in the woods and the rest was given to two other individuals. I asked him why he stole the items.

“He stated he had lost a bet on the Tennessee Vols game on Saturday. He stated he gave the TV and Blu-ray player to the subject he lost the bet to. He stated he owed the subject $150.”

And Henry allegedly told the officer he stole the vacuum cleaner for a friend’s wife because “she had said she wanted one.”
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He was trying to get a football scholarship at UT, had to prove he was a criminal first.
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Lack of intelligence at its best or just a dumb excuse...
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